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    KOIBANX is UK based Investment Bank focused on Virtual Currencies, which provides unique solutions to traditional investors willing to benefit from the potential of Bitcoin and other Virtual Currencies. Koibanx founders have more than 30 years of combined experience on Web development, M&A, Fintech and Financial Services. The company has recently launched the Bitkoine Fund, a multi virtual currency hedge fund audited by Deloitte & Touche, which offers investors an easy and safe way to participate in the virtual-currencies ecosystem with an actively managed portfolio.


    BITKOINE INVESTMENT FUND is a closed-ended fund focused on investing in all the different segments of the virtual-currencies space. The purpose of the Fund is to provide investors a one-stop solution to profit from Bitcoin and Altcoin performance, Strategic Trading, Arbitrage and Mining while protecting their investment with the most advanced security protocols existing as of today. The Bitkoine Investment Fund is a unique vehicle for global investors who are interested in participating in the growth potential of the Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The Fund resolves the problems inherent to the acquisition of large amounts of digital currencies, its protection once acquired, regulatory uncertainty and inheritance concerns. Most of the Bitkoine funds are kept under deep cold storage vaults which provide the highest security standard available in crypto-space. The Bitkoine Fund also allows investors to diversify their investment among other digital currencies with very high growth potential while mitigating downside risk through strategic trading and arbitrage among different global exchanges.


    BITKOINE INVESTMENT FUND is the first Virtual Currency Hedge Fund worldwide with an Active Management Strategy that combines Buy and Hold of a balanced portfolio of virtual-currencies, Day and Event-driven Trading, Arbitrage among exchanges and Mining of Bitcoin and Altcoins to maximize returns and reduce downside volatility for investors. Buy & Hold: Our Bitcoins are kept in deep cold storage vaults, which are offline servers not connected to the internet. Strategic Trading: We have a team of professional traders with more than 20 years of experience looking for technical analysis signals to profit from price volatility to add bitcoins to our portfolio. We also have automated Bots executing intra-day trades to profit from market volatility. Arbitrage: Given the price imperfections among different exchanges around the word, our Arbitrage Bots profit from price differences among exchanges. Mining: In certain scenarios mining bitcoins and altcoins can be a very profitable strategy. When price and mining difficulty generate such the require conditions, our investors will also benefit from the upside of this strategy as well.


    Risk Mitigation. State-of-the-art security protocols to protect investor holdings through Deep Cold Storage and multisig. Downside protection. Active portfolio management combined with performance based fees where the investor only pays when he/she has a net capital gain. Transparency. Full alignment of interests, performance based fees and monthly audits by Deloitte & Touche. Innovation. Unique proprietary Sentiment Index that collects information from multiple sources to anticipate price trend changes in our virtual currency portfolio. Ethic Code. Committed to set the highest Ethic Standards and Corporate Governance of the industry. Development of long term relationships with investors. Services. Periodical fund performance information available to investors. Key industry information via Newsletters and Video Conferences with industry experts.



    He is currently the president of the ONGs Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin LATAM. Main host of the most important Annual Bitcoin Conference in Latin America, He was part of the founding teams of Clarín Digital, El Sitio and He also founded Xinergia, Cero a Cien and Restocoins.


    BA in Economy, Major in Capital Markets. He has more than 10 years of experience in Global Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions. He raised U$ 1.65 Bn. for LAPEF V, the largest Private Equity Fund ever raised in LATAM for Advent International. He has also led the regional conference "Virtual Currencies in the Regulatory and Financial Environments" in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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