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Blockchain is a distributed ledger that can maintain a permanent and tamper-proof record of transactional data. It works as a decentralized database composed of nodes or computers that constitute this p2p network (peer-to-peer). Each node in the distributed network maintains an identical copy of the ledger.



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Since 2014, Koibanx has been working on the development of Blockchain financial solutions, for both the private and governmental sectors. We have developed a platform that allows the integration of existing financial solutions with blockchain technology, allowing faster, safer and cheaper operations. It is mainly focused on payments, factoring, and loyalty.

Koibanx expert team has been working in software development and corporate finance for the last 20 years. This makes us the ideal partner for companies that are eager to embrace the future today.



Our expert team has been working in software development and corporate finance for the last 20 years. This makes Koibanx the ideal partner for companies that are eager to embrace the future today.

Edy Weber


Software engineer. Web pioneer. More than 30 years leading global IT projects. Former IT Corporate Director (CIO) at Arcos Dorados (Mc Donalds Latam). Chief Information Officer at Tecnofarma. CTO Officenet / Staples Latam. CIO

Leo Elduayen


Lawyer, Blockchain Pioneer with 10 years in tech law. VP at Bitcoin Argentina NGO. laBITconf Co-Organizer. Previously worked at MercadoLibre (NASDAQ:MELI) and Philip Morris International (NYSE:PMI).

Matias Gallardo


Software engineer at “Escuela Superior Técnica. Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience designing and working on software solutions. Worked at GlobalLogic Latinamerica.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar


Serial entrepreneur. Technologist. More than 20 years of experience in web development. Founder and CEO of RSK Labs, founder of Latin America and Argentina Bitcoin NGOs. Previously, Clarin Digital and as R&D manager.

Gabriel Kurman


Economist with a major in Capital Markets. More than 15 years of experience in corporate finance, M&A, and private equity. Founder RSK Labs, La Bitcoineta and Blockchain 4 Hummanity. Previously worked at Advent International and Monsanto.



Tokkenit is the first RRC-20 multi-token, loyalty embedded wallet. It is a user friendly application that allows users and companies to create their own RSK tokens in the form of loyalty for closed community programs to reward their members.

It is a flexible and customizable app which allows to easily hold all of your tokens in one place.

Paying, transfering, exchanging and rewarding have never been easier. You can download Tokkenit and create your own program.

How does Tokkenit work?

Available for Android and IOS phones. Users register and open their Tokkenit account, from where they can check their balance, transfer their tokens to other members or redeem them. They accumulate program points that can be redeemed for benefits and prizes.

This platform allows companies to reward their customers for example, for buying certain product or repeatedly going to the store.

All programs have points that can be redeemed on any other program on the app, or for any accepted RSK tokens.


Armónica is a Cash-management platform which enables users to invest, save, trade and make payments. In association with Arpenta, through its fiduciary properly approved by the CNV, Armónica is replatforming the capital markets.

SMEs can directly submit their digital invoices and checks to the platform where they are represented in the form of tokens. These tokens can later be sold, traded and re-bought partially and unlimitedly until they are finally paid. Therefore, reinventing the way factoring works in the benefit of SMEs and opening the market for smaller investors.

Every value which users add to their balance in the platform is professionally invested in carefully selected active mutual funds in order to protect users from inflation. Users can manage their savings while they choose how to invest them and when to withdraw.



Our platform allows us to process different forms of payments for companies, banks, governments and organizations.

How does the payment solution work?

We integrate third party applications where users receive a balance represented in tokens. These tokens can be used in different stores as a means of payment. These businesses can then use them either to pay for obligations among themselves or redeem them with the issuing entity.

In this way, the user can obtain a digital and transparent history of the use of their balance, without the need for plastic cards or coupons.

It generates a friendly experience in terms of time and costs compared to the traditional alternatives. On the merchant side, they have less processing time and transaction costs, real-time reconciliation, as well as availability of funds instantly.

Transparent Donations

We have developed a fundraising platform, GiveTrack, in association with BitGive on top of our transactional engine with Blockchain technology. GiveTrack allows the creation and authorizes projects by stages, depending on the successful execution of different milestones.


How does our crowdfunding platform work?

When a new project is created, different “trigger clauses” are parameterized within a smart contract which, after achieving a predetermined goal, executes the release of funds. For example: in the creation of a school, proof of the completion of the foundations of the building allows the release of more funds for the next stage.


By having the entire fundraising process on this platform, it allows us to know with certainty how the process was created, financed and executed, knowing the interveners and the milestones achieved, in a transparent and safe manner.


Our platform enables the creation of various loyalty solutions.

How do our Loyalty solutions work?

Our partners web or mobile app is connected to our loyalty framework.  Users register and access a wallet where they accumulate points (tokens) that can be redeemed within a catalog or used as means of payment.

This platform allows companies to reward their users (customers, sales force, suppliers, etc.), depending on the fulfillment of a given action. These actions are the inputs which trigger the tokens gaining. For example: Once achieving a certain performance, after “n” purchases or once providing “n” referrals they receive a number of tokens.

In addition, from an administration dashboard, the team in charge of supervising the program can transfer additional points, manage the program and approve the redemptions that users make from their wallet mobile.

Asset Backed Token

Asset Tokenization allows the representation of any asset in tokens, it can be a loyalty point, a dollar, a stock of a company or a document, the process works in the same way.

What do we gain by tokenizing an asset?

We transfer all the properties of Blockchain to that asset, it becomes programmable, transparent and cost efficient, every movement is known with certainty. Liquidity is given to real assets with a solid and secure record.

It can be applied to representations of assets in various industries, for example tokenizing a ton of soybeans, a barrel of oil, a hedge fund or the stocks of a company. We seek to reuse the technological back-bone to implement it in alternative products.





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